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Friday, September 7, 2007

The Veil

I recently watched a TV program about the Middle East, and of course walking in the
streets were the veiled Muslim women. I noticed many of the veils were very beautiful,
and not all women wore the same basic black veil that quickly comes to a Westerners
mind when the subject of veils are brought up.

The truth is, there are many different kinds of veils, ranging from full body veils to head
only veils. Most veils that I noticed do not cover the face, only the head.

Now just imagine how much time you could save by wearing a head veil! How much
time do you spend on your hair everyday? How much MONEY do you spend on your hair
every year?? If you are aware of what is going on in the world today, you will be feeling
pretty guilty about how you answer those two questions.

Just think of all the money spent at a beauty parlor....and then think of what you could do
with that money to improve the world. Maybe even to feed hungry children. By now you
are getting the picture.

Muslim women are not the only women today who wear a form of head gear. The Amish
women wear crisp white little half caps that are just large enough to hide their hair which
they wear up and under the cap. No matter when you see an Amish women she looks
clean, crisp and neat, and I think that has a lot to do with that little white cap that they
wear. Certainly the Amish do not waste time and money when it comes to their hair. Both
Amish and Muslim women wear head coverings because of modesty, but if you happen to
talk to one of them about it I am sure they would also tell you how practical the veil/cap
can be. No need to worry about a bad hair day. No extra time needed to fix your hair at
the busiest time of the day....mornings when the entire family is getting ready to go to
school or work at one time. Amish and Muslim women can devote more time to what is
truly important in their lives by eliminating the constant worry of “fixing” their hair.

When I look at the Western women through the eyes of a stranger, I cannot help but think
she is a weak and frivilous person. It is amazing that she is taken seriously because so
many silly things demand unending amounts of her time and attention. Her appearance is
number one, her weight, her hair, her make-up, even her finger nails and toe nails... and
what she wears all take up vast amounts of her time and attention. Is that not somewhat

Just because something is a little different does not mean it is automatically bad. Will I go
out and get one of those veil things?? Well, not in the summer, but maybe in winter! See,
I am a chicken too, and it is very difficult to go against the grain, and be even a little bit
different, but I would be happy some days to not have to wonder what I am going top do
with my hair next!

Next time you are struggling to fix your hair and you have a million other things to do, I
hope this blog comes to mind. If fashion designers suddenly made the veil high fashion,
THEN within a few months we would all be wearing the veil because it is “cool”. We
think we are free, but in many ways we are more like slaves to fashion than we could ever
imagine. We all want to fit in, and that may be the biggest problem of all!!

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