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Friday, September 7, 2007

Dec 21, 2012 The End??

December 21, 2012 Doomsday?

Okay, I have been hearing about the year 2012 for a good five years now. People are
saying that on Dec 21, 2012 the earth as we know it, and life on this planet as we know
it, will come to a screeching halt!

Psychics have been talking about this event for years, and churches have been talking
about this for years also. However, all they ever say is that 2012 is THE END...and they
do not talk too much more after that.
What do they mean by the end?

The end of this rat race, the end of war, and global warming, and endless cemented and
tarred over land that used to feed us...the end of THAT would be a good thing. Maybe
people are looking at 2012 in the wrong way. The end of modern life might be a bit
difficult for us to adjust to, but it certainly does not mean that we cannot live wonderful
and fulfilling lives. Imagine living in the 1800s, when just about everyone lived on a little
farm somewhere, and life was simple and good. The worst part of all living in that era
was that people could die from a lack of simple antibiotics and other medical
emergencies. However, no matter how much society breaks down there will still be some
medicines, that knowledge and know how will not be forgotten, unless of course we have
a total global catastrophe such as a pole shift or something similar to it. That is not likely.

It should be interesting to see the future unfold. There will be many Christains waiting for
the return of Jesus, and what a wonderful event that would be, but remember that even
Jesus does not know when the second coming will be!! Is that not amazing? Only God
knows when Jesus will return.

I have been sickly and near death numerous times in my life, and I often wondered what it
would be like when I die. Will Jesus be there waiting for me to take me away? Or will it
be angelic beings who lift me towards the heavenly heights? Will I see the light, and the
tunnel, or will it all be a dark, black, suffocating void of nothing? No one can really tell
us for sure because even a near death experience is just that, not death itself.

And so my dear ones, we have only a few years left before a big change comes our way,
that is of course if you believe what they the psychics and seers say about 2012. It could
all be a big hoax like Y2K.

If I were you, I would not lose any sleep over it, but as we approach closer there will be
people who panic, and that could cause some problems. I would suggest that one gets
prepared with extra food and water, just basic common sense things like that, as if you
were getting ready for a hurricane. I doubt that there would be any reason to go
overboard. Once the people find out that nothing much happened, they will settle down,
because we all know the really BIG things come with very little warning at all. Just when
you think it is safe, that is when something will happen! It will be up to you and your
attitude as to how you will survive. Where there is life, there is hope, and humans can
overcome and thrive under just about any conditions.

This blog will keep you posted to any new 2012 developements.

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