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Friday, September 7, 2007

Are You Living Here??

You might be living in a log cabin and not even know it!!

Years ago, just about everyone who lived out in the country, lived in a log cabin. Many were torn down to make way for a fancier home when the family could afford something "better". Of course to many families, home was a log cabin in the woods, and they chose not to tear it down but to modernize it.

I have been living in a log cabin for the last ten years and did not even know it! Oh sure, I wondered about those 12 inch walls from time to time, but I never thought there were still logs under the siding, but there they were! Turns out that the entire house is a log cabin! You would never guess by looking at it.

I bet this log cabin in the picture is still in existence somewhere. It looks very sturdy and straight. It makes you wonder how they did it. Those pioneers were really amazing hardy people, and we should all be proud that we are their descendants!

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