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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

UFO Horror Stories

UFO Horror Stories

Warning!! After reading this blog completely, you may have nightmares and not be able
to sleep well at night! we go!!
Everyone has heard of the animal mutilations that happened over the years to ranchers
who lost cattle to a bizarre set of circumstances, which people thought could only be the
work of aliens from another planet, but of course no one can prove it yet.

Well, now things are getting worse!
Imagine waking up one morning, and out on the lawn is your pet cat, cut clean in half!
This is what happened to the residents of a small Canadian town in Aug 07. Half the
grisly remains were missing, meaning that only the front half or the back half was
delivered to the bereaved. And, why were these half cat carcasses returned to the families
anyhow? Could it be the work of Satanists? The killing and mutilating of cats is a well
known activity of Satanists, however the cats did not have a drop of blood, and they were
not cut with knives. Tests are being processed which should shed some more light on this

In Missouri, pet dogs are being also killed and mutilated! Once again, there is no blood,
and no knives used!

I cannot imagine who would be so heartless as to kill a beloved family cat or dog. The
very thought of it makes me feel outraged. We need to get to the bottom of this, and it
needs to be stopped, but that may be much easier said than done! For the last 30 plus
years, ranchers have been losing a large amount of money to whoever or whatever is
killing and mutilating their cattle. Some ranchers have even gone out of business because
of it. And, yet cattle continue to turn up dead with these strange set of circumstances. The
numbers are no longer as large, so it does not make the news, however, it is still

While it is just about impossible to keep cattle in a barn to keep them safe, it is not
impossible to keep a close eye on your pet. A cat does not need to leave a house at all,
while a dog should not leave the house unless its owner is with it. If you love your pet, it
would be wise to take these precautions.

Every year millions of Americans go missing, never to be seen by loved ones again. It just
makes you wonder what happens to them, and where do they go?? The heartbreak a family
goes through must be unimaginable.

I , myself had a horrifying experience when I was 5 years old. I often think back to that
incident, and I thank the Lord that my brother and I were not kidnapped.

I don’t tell many people about this incident, but if you are still reading my blog, and you
got this far, you deserve a juicy tidbit of information. So, here it goes....

I was 5 years old and my brother was 3. We were happy little kids, living on my
grandfather’s farm while our father served overseas in the Navy.

It was a day in early June, and my brother and I were playing in the big back yard of the
big old farmhouse. I was playing by the swing set, as was my brother. He was sitting in a
swing, going back and forth, enjoying the day.

Suddenly, I noticed that my brother’s eyes rolled back in his head so that only the whites
showed! He seemed to be in some kind of a trance, just sitting there on the edge of the
swing, with his mouth hanging open, his eyes rolled all the way back in his head. He was
a strange little boy, and any time that he was scared, he would roll his eyes back into his
head. I was used to that, but he never appeared to be in a trance before.

At this point I looked behind me and hovering about 15 feet away was a silver disk, it’s
diameter about the size of a large car, and it was about 6 feet off the ground. There was
no lights, and no sounds. I became paralyzed with fear. Everything seemed to be going in
slow motion, and I do not remember what happened after that. My brother remembers
nothing at all!!

Considering that we were 5 and 3 years of age, I think it is pretty nasty that aliens would
have to frighten small children. This happened in 1960, and I still have bad dreams about
it, and I probably always will. It is even hard for me to watch movies about aliens, I do
not find them entertaining at all.

I don’t think my brother and I were abducted or anything like that. That seems to be an
ongoing lifetime event. For those poor souls who think they are abducted, I have nothing
but sympathy for them, because the intense fear they must have gone through is almost

So, keep an eye on your pets, and keep an eye on your children, and never take their
safety for granted. You just never know what could be lurking out there in the night, in
the dark, and sometimes on a bright summer’s day!

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