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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Natural Flea And Tick Repellent

“All Natural Flea And Tick Repellent That Really Works”

Do you have pets? Do you worry about the fleas and ticks those pets may carry into your home? Would you like a totally natural solution, a totally green solution for flea and tick control? You’ve come to the right place, read on!

Recently I adopted a new baby, not a human baby, a canine baby. When flea and tick season came around I knew I needed to find a natural way to control fleas and ticks. As far as I am concerned, products like Frontline are too harsh for puppies, not matter what they say on the labels. And so the search started.

I was at the local health food store when the conversation turned to flea and tick control on pets and for the home. An older lady told me she swore to the effectiveness of pine tar soap. She told me to simply purchase a bar of pine tar soap, any brand, shave some off with a knife, place the shavings in a spray bottle, fill with water and you are ready to go.

I followed her advice to the letter. It worked! I bathed my pet in pine tar soap and then sprayed her once a day with the pine tar soap solution, and she has not had one flea or tick on her all season. It works better than Frontline, and it is less than 3.00 a bar which is more than enough for an entire season.

We also get ticks in our home, and this is a serious problem. Ticks carry Lyme’s disease, which if left untreated can lead to serious neurological problems. With the pine tar soap solution I sprayed all around the foundation of the house, and then I sprayed the inside of the house, along the floor boards of each room, and also around doors and windows. I did this about once a week, and it has worked great! Even the sugar ants did not make their yearly appearance. Insects of all kinds simply hate the scent of pine tar soap. For the first time ever, my house is tick free. Even the spiders are gone.

Pine tar soap also works well for keeping ticks off humans. Simply use it in the shower, or spray the solution on before going outside, and you are protected against ticks for an entire day. It is especially good for children as commercial tick repellents contain dangerous chemicals.

The effectiveness of pine tar soap is like a small miracle, it simply works, and it works better than any other flea and tick repellent I have ever used, but it does not end there. Pine tar soap is very inexpensive, and it smells good, like pine trees, or a Christmas tree, and I will never be without it again. How wonderful it is to find such a natural
inexpensive and effective product.

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thanks for this wonderful tip

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