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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are You Being Haunted By The Dead?

Are You Being Haunted By The Dead?

Paranormal activity is on the increase. And is it no wonder? Everywhere you look you see things which involve the occult. We have become so used to it, that we no longer realize the danger that lurks for the unsuspecting victim.

With TV programs such as “Psychic Kids” which proclaims that seeing demons and spirits are a “gift” from God, to free online Tarot readings, to Yoga and Meditation, all these activities are labeled as “occult activity” in the Bible, and God warns us to stay away from all of it. But do we listen? No, and when we get more and more involved with the paranormal, we are inviting demonic harmful influences into our lives.

So, how do you know if you invited something bad into your life? Following are a list of signs that something could be haunting you or your loved ones. This is for real, and more and more people are becoming the victims of occult activity.

1. Feeling of being watched, or feeling there is a presence
2. Odors when there should be none, like cooking odors or a perfume odor
3. Cold spots or hot spots that cannot be explained
4. A sudden feeling of not being able to breath
5. Dizziness
6. Your pets act strangely
7. Red, white, or black mists and lights
8. Streaks seen out of the corner of your eye
9. Things that go bump in the night, and other strange noise which there is no explanation for.
10. Everyday items around the house go missing and end up in strange places, for example a hammer was found in the refrigerator, and a photo album was found inside the stove
11. Plumbing and electrical problems which happen over and over again, and which there is no way to fix, for example a toilet would constantly overrun, even after a new toilet was installed
12. All the cupboard doors are standing open when you get up in the morning, or the front door of the house stands wide open in the middle of the night
13. Unexplained fires
14. Even new batteries go dead within a few minutes or hours
15. TV or radio turning on/off all by itself
16. Unexplained depression
17. Unexplained mood swings, family members not acting themselves or out of character, for example someone who never drinks starts hitting the bottle
18. Unexplained insomnia when there was never a problem with it before
19. All the lights and electrical devices turn on all at once by themselves
20. Waking up around 3am over and over
21. Feeling as if someone was talking or whispering in your ear to you to make you wake up
22. Strange dreams which seem very real
23. Odd mist, orbs, blobs or streaks on family photos or photos taken in and around the home
24. Small children who talk about imaginary friends, or small children who are unusually frightened for no reason
25. Anything that happens in 3s

There are excellent sources online which can help you with your problems, just make sure they are completely based in the word of God. If you hire psychics or other occult services to come and clear your home, you could be asking for more problems yet.

Following this link to find out more about this problem and how to get expert help.

There are very real evil forces in the world wanting to destroy you. Only God can help you with this kind of problem, therefore choose your help wisely. If you think moving away from the haunted house or location is going to make it go away, you are mistaken. Things like this have been known to follow families wherever they go.

I have first hand knowledge of this. My grandmother lived in a haunted house when she was a child. It became so bad that the house was burned down! Unfortunately, that did not help, and many years later and until they end of her life, my grandmother felt as if a negative supernatural force was in her life. It was a very frightening situation. All I know is…I sleep with my lights on and my Bible next to me.

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