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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Was The Rev Wright Firestorm Ignited By The Clinton Political Machine?

What is the average man in the street thinking about in small towns in Wisconsin? From
now until the presidential election I will be posting opinions of average Americans that
are not always aired on mainstream media. Although these opinions can be somewhat
controversial, they are not meant to be offensive in any way.

Do you think the Rev Wright firestorm was started by the Clinton political machine?
People are talking across the nation and shaking their heads. Things just do not add.
Things do not make sense. Why would the infamous Rev Wright want to blow the
election for Obama? Let’s examine the facts and then come to our own conclusions.

Listening to Rev Wright it is hard to believe he is a man of God. Obviously he has a deep
hatred for the United States of America. Although he claims his remarks were taken out
of context, nothing could be further from the truth. When Glen Beck ran the full sermon
on his nightly news program it became clear that Rev Wright’s antics which aired on
CNN were but the tip of the iceberg! If anything he became even more controversial! He
even blames the USA for 911.

Considering that Rev Wright is a millionaire many times over, it seems strange that he
does not realize it was this country that gave him the oppourtunity to become so
successful. I doubt that he would have attained these heights in another country. Yet,
there is not one gesture of gratitude in his rhetoric. Yes, Rev Wright, “God dam
America!”. Such statements make most American’s blood boil.

Up until last week Senator Obama claimed that his church was not all that controversial.
Oprah went to the same church as Senator Obama, and she found it controversial enough
to leave that church. There is a big difference between Oprah and Rev Wright. Oprah
loves this country and she knows that in a large part she owes her great success to it.
When it comes to Senator Obama, from the way he talks about America, we would
assume that he feels the same way, or does he??

If you sat in a church for 20 years and listened to this kind of talk, what would you do??
Most Americas would walk away in disgust, regardless of thier race or creed. Americans
realize that in spite of it’s problems, this country is still the best place on the planet. There
will always be problems, there will always be mistakes, but to say “God dam America” is
deeply offensive to all those people who love this great country.

My ancestors were not always treated kindly by this country either, but they knew it was
the best place in the entire world to make something for yourself . They came to this
country with a humble heart and a strong work ethic, and these values were instilled into
every family member since that time. America was a place where men could be free to
become whatever they wanted if they worked hard to get there. Kind of sounds like the
same things Senator Obama says in his speeches? The only difference here is that my
family lived by those words, as did the church they went to.

And so we come back to the question at the beginning of this blog. Did the Clinton
political machine have anything to do with the infamous Rev Wright shooting off his fat
mouth? It might be a possibility, because they love this country so much that they would
do anything, take any risk, to make sure that the next president of the United States loves
this country above all else except for God. Perhaps Rev Wright was paid to make a fool
of himself, his church and Obama, and if he was, then one has to wonder at the
oppurtunist nature of this man. One has to wonder, what else are we going to find out
before it is all over? If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck and quakes like a duck,
then dammit, it is a duck!

Where there is smoke there is fire. There is no such thing as a coincidence. Altough Rev
Wright has a huge ego there had to be more in it for him to betray and embarrass Obama
in this way. If Obama runs against McCain in the fall, you can bet that all this nasty stuff
about Rev Wright is going to resuface. That’s just politics. It’s all part of the process.
Obama came to us as a clean slate, but I can guarantee it that it won’t stay that way. That
is simply not the nature of the beast, and thank God that the process all works for the best
in the end.

As for Obama, show you love this country and wear a flag pin like all the other men who
love this country. If you don’t love this country with every fiber of your being, then you
don’t deserve to become our next president.

God dam America indeed!! I hope the good Lord puts Rev Wright in his place once and
for all! If you don’t love this country, leave! Go and see how great it is in some other
country. Rev Wright, we simply don’t need your kind here, and that has not a thing to do
with race, and everything to do with the man that you are!

Please note: The above opinions are mostly from the man on the street. In my corner of
the world these are the topics people are talking and speculating about. Sometimes I
agree, sometimes I don’t. These views are aired here for the benefit and education of
other Americans. It is another source of information other than CNN and the other news
programs. I will continue to post articles of this nature until the presidential election is

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