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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can Obama Beat McCain?

The man on the street is pondering that question. Democrats everywhere are haunted by
the Rev Wright controversy. When you get that average American into the polling
booth come November, will the words “God dam America” ring in their ears and sway
them to vote for McCain??

That is the question all good Democrats must ponder in the middle of the night.
When I wake up at 3am and wonder how in the heck I am going to make it another week,
another month, another year.....I wonder what will happen to the country I love if we have
to suffer through another four years of Bush economics. Make no mistake about it, if
McCain becomes our next president it will be business as usual on Capital Hill. Can any
of us afford that??

In the middle of the night, I wake up and wonder what is happening to the America I once
knew. According to CNN, fifteen million Americans are behind on their energy bills.
Fifteen million people!! Utility companies can’t turn off the heat and electric in the
middle of winter, but they sure as heck can do it when the nice weather comes around.
That means that all these Americans will have to pay up NOW, or they will have their
electric and heat shut off, and if they are not paid up by next fall, they will not have heat
or electric for the next heating season! The cost of heating a home has not only doubled in
some areas of the country, it has tripled! I used to pay 800.00 a season to heat my home ,
now I am paying over 2400.00 a season to heat that same home! Just that is bad enough,
but I am also paying a lot more at the grocery store, more for every other service like
garbage removal, phone and electric bill, and yes even cable TV has hiked it’s rates at a
time when Americans are hurting more than ever. The simple pleasure of watching TV
may soon be more than most Americans can afford. Even having a pet is becoming so
expensive that I can barely find the money for vaccinations. Every aspect of my life has
become a struggle due to finances. The stress is just unbelievable, and I know I have it
better than many, many others out there. I have no idea how other people are making it. I
know many are maxing out their credit cards to buy the gas they need to get to work. I
also know those people have no way to pay off those credit cards. What happens then??

I don’t think the people in Washington DC have any idea how much the average family is
hurting. The country is falling apart, and it will continue to fall apart if McCain gets
elected. I believe the situation is so dire and intense that if we pick the wrong person
next fall, there may not even be a United States of America when it comes to the election
of 2012! Or at least there will not be a United States of America that any of us know or

Of course all the prices are going up because the cost of a barrel of oil has become more
expensive than at any other time in history. I am just wondering why we are spending three
billion dollars a week on the war in Iraq, and we are paying almost 4.00 at the pump with
no end in sight! For all the money that we spent in Iraq gas should be 25 cents a gallon.
Let’s cut the bull crap, the only reason we are in Iraq is to protect our oil interests. I don’t
get it, but what is even worse, Washington does not get it either, or we would not be in
the high gas price nightmare. The man on the street, here in Wisconsin thinks the
government controls the price of oil, pure and simple. They do not believe for a moment there is even a shortage. That it is a big lie. All a big Bush lie to be exact! People
believe that the right person in the White House will bring those gas prices down again.

So we come back to the question, Can Obama beat McCain? Many people in Wisconsin
think that he should be able to, but they would feel more comfortable if Hillary was
running against McCain instead of Obama. In the end the Democrats of this country will
unite and vote us out of this Bush nightmare. If we stick together, and make our demands
known, and keep the pressure up, we will turn our country around and make
America the bright and shining star, the beacon of hope for the rest of the world that the
good Lord intended it to be.

Americans are strong people, we have been through bad times before, and we will get
through the bad times of the future. We have to go back to our roots, remember our
heritage, and emulate the great Americans that came before us. We have grit and
determination in our blood, we can do anything we put our minds to. This too shall pass.
We will find new and better ways to fuel our world, and one day, we will be free of the
oil demon that threatens to destroy us, but only if we chose our leaders wisely. Now is the
time for every good American to get out there, and chose wisely. We are already on the
comeback trail. Look at the talent at our disposal! Both Barrack and Hillary are way
above average. Both are great Americans, ready to change history. All we have to do, is
make sure we get out and vote for which ever one becomes the presidential candidate.
People of America, it’s in our hands, lets not blow it!

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Anonymous said...

McCain lost, Obambi won. And it's still business as usual.

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