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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Truly Insane People Think About! Part 2

I promised you in the last blog to talk about a guy named Alex Jones. He is a real
character, that is for sure. Some days I love him, other days I think he is the craziest man
on the planet, and in the end, I don’t know what to think about him.!!

Recently I saw Alex Jones on the History Channel, he was blaming the government for
911. He is somewhat believable, however the guy exaggerates things so much that
everything he says should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Although to his
credit, he did accurately predict that 911 would happen, and the World Trade centers
would be a target. Now that seems impressive, however Jones is constantly predicting
things, so sooner or later he is going to get something right.

Alex Jones believes that all the governments of the world are corrupt and evil, and out to
make the people of the world downright miserable. It makes you wonder how we ever
ascended to the high level of living that many of the people of the world enjoy today. Like
David Icke, Jones believes there is a global elite that wants to wipe most of us off the face
of the earth. I don’t know how these poor guys sleep at night.

Alex Jones believes there is a New World Order waiting in the wings, ready to take
control. Once again here is the paradox...according to Alex Jones, we are ALREADY
under the control of the government, so WHY would we need a New World Order to take
over the world, IF they are already in power controlling our lives??

Of course Alex Jones earns his living by selling tapes about how bad the government is,
and that a New World Order is going to take over, and send us all to concentration camps.
Now ask yourself, how many tax dollars will the government collect if we are all sitting
around in concentration camps??

I like to listen to Alex, just to see what he is ranting and raving about today, and to see
what, if anything, he says comes to past. In a few more years, when none of these
outrageous claims manifest, what will Alex do for a living then?? However to his credit he encourages the listeners of his radio show to make copies of his tapes and give them away. He also tells people to think for themselves, and not to take his word about anything, do your own research. In this day and age, I have to admit, this kind of honesty is refreshing, hence Jone's huge following.

All and all I cannot help but like this guy, even if he is a little on the goofy side. He is an
interesting person to listen to, and he knows what is going on in today's world, but he kind
of twists things around to fit his views. He is virtually harmless, at least for now. On the
downside, he could be spreading around a lot of hate and discontent if his views influence
the wrong people.

If you want to find out more about him just go to Google and type in his name. He has a
website with a daily radio show where you can listen to him rant, rave and throw hissy

I will keep you posted via this blog if something he says comes to past. Don’t hold your

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