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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sick of Credit Card Games

Sick and Tired of Credit Card Games!

If you are like me, you have several credit cards. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I
think that credit cards are the devils invention.

I shudder when I see TV commercials asking the listeners if they have credit card debt.
Well, that is a real no brainer. I think I have worried more about my credit card debt than
anything else in the past ten years, and I have plenty of friends and relatives in the same

What is really bad is when I see young people having to take out another mortgage on
their home to pay off credit cards. That is trading unsecured debt for secured debt, and
that is something that I have always tried to avoid. What it boils down to off your
credit cards or lose your home, and believe me, many, many Americans will be losing
their homes, and it all started from credit cards, the devils domain.

I have a credit card with a 300 dollar limit that I use on the internet. Somehow I was six
dollars over the limit. I got stuck with a 30.00 over the limit fee...and then the next month
I got hit again...( I did not make any purchases) I am getting hit for being over the limit
because of the over the limit fee...and now...this month ( no purchases made) I am getting
hit again! That is 90.00 NINETY DOLLARS for being over the limit for 6.00!! What a RIP

I know that most people no longer even look all that close at their credit card charges and
balances, because it literally makes them ill. Credit cards are like CANCER, the balance
just keeps getting bigger and bigger, even if you do not make any purchases, even if you
start to pay it down, one way or another, the balance just keeps growing.

I know one guy who had a credit card with a 100.00 balance. In the middle of a divorce
and various address changes he forgot all about it, because who worries about a balance
of 100.00 balance...right?? Wrong!!! With late fees and over the limit fees and interest on
those fees, and on and on....within a year that card had a balance of 1000.00 ( no
purchases or charges made ) on it, and enough negative info on the credit reports to ruin
a chance to buy a home!

Credit cards are just plain dangerous, and they should be treated as if you are handling
something explosive, because they really can ruin your life, even if you have the very best

Now there are books out that tell you how to sue your credit card companies! You know,
if anyone deserves to be sued...they do!

I remember a time when most people did not have or even want a credit card. We even
managed to survive and live quite well without them! Now I wonder what would happen
if everyone got rid of their cards or just plain refused to pay them anymore! We would
have a credit card revolution! The credit card companies would simply go out of business
and hopefully never come back into existence again.

Start watching the news and you will see that millions of people are losing their homes.
Why is that?? I bet 99% got another mortgage on their homes to pay off their credit
cards....and now they are losing their homes, because they did not know that their house
payment was going up 200-300 dollars a month! Oh no, how can that be?? For the first 2
years the payments were a lot less...right?? Then, just like that...BAM....the payment
went way up, and now it is just a matter of time before the house belongs to the bank.

What I wonder about is...was this all planned out ahead of time?? It seems that it would
almost have to be!

What I worry about when I go to sleep at night is the fate of all the people who now have
no place to go. Where will these people go?? What will become of their pets? It is heart
breaking, and who would have thought that something like this can happen in America??
People being kicked out of their homes......what a tragedy!!

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