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Monday, July 9, 2007

Psychic Predictions 2009-2012 Part 2

Psychic Predictions 2009-2012
Part 2

I re-read the old lines of the journal, wondering how these psychic predictions could
ever come to past, and I must admit, I am astonished how they fit in with world events

The first prediction on this blog was about the detonation of nuclear weapons in the
Middle East. To be honest, that prediction never seemed to worry me too much, because
the Middle East, and especially Iran, and Iraq, seemed no more to me than endless miles
of dirty, gritty sand, and GOD FORSAKEN land and countries, but there is something that we need in this God forsaken place, and that is oil. Without oil, what will we do??

For that answer I go back to the journal of psychic predictions, and there are some BIG SURPRISES!!
Provided that there really is a nuclear exchange in the Middle East, and America has to look elsewhere for oil....this next big prediction seems to make sense.
And so, here is the next big prediction.....

Something that many people do not know is that Mexico is a very, very rich country!
They have massive amounts of both gold and OIL, and the only reason the people are so
poor is because there are drug lords at the top who suck the money away from the poor
working Mexicans, much the same way Saddam kept all the oil money to himself while
the rest of the country starved.

When America turns her might and interest towards Mexico she is solving many
problems with one solution. America needs oil. Mexico has oil. America needs to stop the
drugs coming over the border from Mexico. 90% of the drugs in America comes from
Mexico. When American troops go in and take out the drug lords of Mexico, drug usage
will drop drastically in America, as predicted by many different psychics. And another big
problem, IMMIGRATION, is also instantly solved. Mexican nationals no longer want to
flee across the borders because they are now paid a decent and livable wage in their own
country. Many, many Mexicans who now live in America, will return to Mexico. These people never wanted to leave Mexico and did so in desperation.

Of course there will be plenty of people against the annex of Mexico, but little by little
people north and south of the border will see the benefits to both countries, and America
will emerge more powerful, more a super power than ever before. America will get the natural resources she needs, and Mexico will no longer be a
third world country with a few on top getting all the wealth.

There are many more psychic predictions in the journals. Don’t forget to come back and
find out what else is in store for America!

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