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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting the SICK out of SICKO!!

Getting the SICK out of SICKO!

OK, I went to see Sicko, and once again Michael Moore has shown us just how greedy the
big bad insurance companies can be, while the little guy gets the short end of the stick.

So..what else is new?? We really did not know this before? Come on!! The American
consumer is more sophisticated than that!

Yes, universal health care would be the way to go, but just think about some other things
for a minute. Let’s think about where WE THE PEOPLE are at fault, instead of pointing
and waving the finger at everyone else.

WE have to be RESPONSIBLE for our own good health!!! WOW, what a new idea??
No, I don’t think so, it is something that has been going on for hundreds of years in this
country, when people took care of their own, and never expected a helping hand from
anyone or anywhere!

Recently, I came across tax records from the years 1850-1899 for Dodge County, WI. I
was amazed at how many of these people, without modern medicine, lived well into their
late 70s and 80s! These were settlers from Bavaria and Prussia, and some how, some way,
they managed to live long and productive lives, with just folk remedies. They did not
even have antibiotics in those days. One of those people was my great -grandmother, who
brought 15 children into the world, all born at home, and lost only one in infancy!
Obviously, we are missing something here, why are we all so unhealthy these days??

If my German grandmother was alive today, she would have all these overweight,
unhealthy kids WORKING and on a DIET!! She would be raising holy hell with these
kids that lay in front of the TV or computer all day long, and then jump up and make
themselves mac and cheese in the microwave. How healthy are these future Americans??

When I was a kid, we were outside every chance we got.( With A German grandmother
you had no choice, stay inside and she would find a “chore” for us. LOL!) In the summer,
we were up and out early in the morning, and we “played “ all day long ! What a radical
idea! Kids going outside and occupying themselves all day long! WOW!! We played
baseball, and hopscotch, and we went swimming. We had tree houses and forts, and a
million places in the neighborhood where we would gather to just be kids and have fun, a
lost art today. When our mothers finally called us in for dinner at night, we were all dirty,
and our knees were skinned, but I bet you that we were 10 times healthier than the kids of
today. WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OURSELVES?? We are fat and unfit, but we want
to blame the lack of universal health care for all our problems! Get a life!!

Has anyone even noticed that kids don’t go ice skating anymore?? Not that many years
ago, every quiet pond in winter was covered with kids ice skating, and sledding.
is too cold for our kids. They can’t go outside and play, because they might have an ear
infection, or asthma, or maybe the little buggers are just plain constipated from all that
fast food their working mothers are feeding them.

For that matter, how healthy are the parents?? Fat parents have fat kids. If the parents are
laying around in a dirty house all day, eating take out pizza, their kids are going to do the
same. For goodness sake, people do not even sit down to a decent family dinner
anymore...probably because making a meal and doing the dishes are now considered
“work”, something to be avoided at all costs.

If you were selling health insurance, and wanted to stay in business, and make a profit,
would YOU insure a fat family?? I don’t think so. So why should we get angry when an
insurance company is only using good business practices, something ANY American in
business is doing? It’s a lot better than going bankrupt.Since when in this country, is it a
BAD thing to want to make a profit from a business??

Have you ever considered that the problems we are having with health care is not the fault
of the insurance companies or of the government, it is the fault of the people who don’t
care about their health until they get sick, and then they lay there, big fat slugs, expecting
everyone to cater to them, for something they brought on all by themselves! Eating
yourself into bad health is no different than ruining your health with drugs and alcohol!

Let’s talk about drugs and alcohol, that is something no one wants to be honest about
when they apply for health insurance. We all know that drugs are rampant in America, but
I bet your bottom dollar that no one admits to using drugs on an application to health
insurance. When these people lie, and then they get sick, and they get big payments from
their health insurance companies....YOU are the one who will be paying out more for
health insurance, because YOU are the one who will ultimately be paying for other
people’s bad health choices, with or without universal health care!

Is personal responsibility dead in this country?

I will be blogging some more on this subject in the future. I would appreciate your input.
Please leave your comments.

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